Tuesday, June 27, 2006

World Cup Tour (Mp3)

The Entroporium is posting a series of cool mp3 links for each of the World Cup contenders. Readers of this blog will probably linger on the US, Iran and maybe Saudi Arabia.

Call Me Mickey does something similar.

Gorilla vs Bear also has mp3s to accompany the Cup, though not as well themed (illustrated by pics of scantily clad female fans).


Shawn @ Entroporium said...

Hi Bob, Thanks for the recommendation. Might I also recommend my new friend Simon over at You Can Call Me Betty? http://youcancallmebetty.blogspot.com

Cheers, Shawn

bob said...

Thanks Shawn. You Can Call Me Betty is also great folks - I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with football-related music!

Oh Simone said...

Another one too: burningoak.com