Thursday, September 28, 2006

Abu Izzadeen

A guest post by Jogo (2 of 3)

The Abu Izzadeen piece on westernresistance [posted here] (really, I think the "Crusader iconography" is irony and ought not make your needle go into the Red Zone) is almost unbelievable.

Abu Izzadeen encapsulates the problem. There is no peaceful solution to it. You have an Absolute Doctrine of Absolute War contesting a rational-adjustable system. And westernresistance understands this.

There is no solution to the problem Abu Izadeen presents, and he knows it. The word "solution" -- and its verb "solve" – arrive by a long journey from the Latin "solvere," to loosen. A solution, chemically, is not a single substance. Water is not a solution, salt is not a solution. A solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more elements. Salt water is a solution.

And of course, the chemistry term "absolute" means the reverse of that. "Absolute alchohol."

So there's no solution ... not a civic solution, anyway. It's a war. War (not metaphoric war) has been declared by a party with ONE non-negotiable demand -- of cosmic scale -- to be attained by any means necessary.

What moderate people are saying, out of hope, is: "How many divisions does Abu Izzadeen have?" Correct answer: it doesn't matter. It's like the SWAT Team vs. the unappeasable armed maniac in the suburban house. But even worse, because sometimes, at least, the maniac can be persuaded to come out with his hands up.

Bob adds: See also More media-whore, than religious 'warrior' at Neo-Jacobin.

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