Thursday, March 15, 2007

Leeds University bows to Islamist threats

A talk by Matthias Küntzel, a reknowned researcher on Islamic anti-semitism, has been cancelled due to pressure from Islamists, including threatening e-mails which caused "security concerns".

Leeds University gave an absurd justification:
"The decision to cancel the meeting has nothing to do with academic freedom, freedom of speech, anti-semitism or Islamophobia and those claiming that is the case are making mischief.
''Nor are we bowing to threats or protests from interest groups. The meeting has been cancelled on safety grounds alone and because - contrary to our rules - no assessment of risk to people or property has been carried out, no stewarding arrangements are in place and we were not given sufficient notice to ensure safety and public order.''
Having worked in academia, and organised countless seminars and conferences, I know that there is no practice of risk assessing academic talks. Essentially, therefore, the cancellation on security grounds must be seen as a triumph for terrorism.

Scholars For Peace in the Middle East statement via Will@DSTP4W

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Keywords: Matthew Kuntzel, Islamic anti-semitism, Arab anti-semitism, Nazism
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jams o donnell said...

One word sprang to mind when thinkingabout Leeds University and that that was "spineless", Bob