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Intrigue:Mayday - background reading

Today sees the start of the new series of BBC Radio 4's superb podcast programme Intrigue . This series, entitled Mayday , focuses on the late James Le Mesurier, British founder of free Syria's Civil Defence service, the White Helmets. The series also looks at the co-ordinated disinformation campaign against James and the White Helmets, touching on the role of the so-called Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media in this campaign. You can  read about it here ,  watch the trailer here , or  download the whole series now . It is produced, written and presented by: Chloe Hadjimatheou, working with a team including researcher Tom Wright.  In this post, I have just brought together some of the essential background reading on the story.  On the Ledge: James Le Mesurier The best place to start is Martin Chulov's excellent recent long read in the Guardian : " How Syria's disinformation wars destroyed the co-founder of the White Helmets ".  The Miracle Baby: The W

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