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My post on what Boris Johnson advisor Munira Mirza and brief Brexit MEP Claire Fox have in common - a background in the formerly left-wing sect that rebranded from the Revolutionary Communist Party to Spiked - has become unexpectedly timely of late. 
Mirza - who thinks institutional racism is a myth and has described previous inquiries into inequality as "fostering a culture of grievance" - has been named as heading up a new government commission on racial inequalities. 
I track some of Mirza's recent involvements with the RCP/Spiked network in this Twitter thread. Here are some snips: ...Change Britain has an overlapping leadership with Artists For Brexit and Invoke Democracy Now, both of which are dominated by LM veterans. Mirza helped set up AFB and Westley has been involved in it. It is heavily promoted by BrexitCentral.— Bob From Brockley ๐Ÿฅค (@bobfrombrockley) July 31, 2019Dizzy from all these front organisations & …

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