From Dutchblog Israel in December:
"What keeps me optimistic regarding the question whether or not Israel will still be occupying Gaza in another year or so is the pure hatred and frustration displayed by settlers and their supporters towards Ariel Sharon, feelings that might point at a honest determination on the latter's side to finally get us out of there. When official representatives of the settler movement publicly sing the praises of both passive and active unlawfulness, we should not be surprised when settlers, who for years were made to believe that they themselves are the law, start harrassing soldiers, or worse. Once again it is being proven that Palestinian terrorists and our own, homebred fanatics have at least one goal in common: finishing off Israel as it was meant to be by kost of its founding fathers: a Jewish, democratic state. No matter how annoying and dirty the coalition building games are, if one of the results is going to be an end of the occupation of Gaza ( and, G'd willing, of other occupied territories ) it will all have been worth it."

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