AntiHorowitz vs AntiChomsky

Response from Micah Holmquist of HorowitzWatch to a FrontPage article by Benjamin Kerstein of diary of an anti-chomskyite:

I agree with the main point of Benjamin Kerstein's "Chomsky's Myth of the Leftist Silent Majority" (FrontPage, December 14, 2004) - there is little evidence that there is any sort of "leftist silent majority" in the United States, at least in terms of the way "majority" is usually meant to mean in electoral politics.

However, Kerstein's makes some problematic assertions, including:

-Noam Chomsky, the author of a 1986 article entitled, "The Soviet Union Versus Socialism," is one of the "foremost advocates" of "authoritarian socialism."

-Ronald Reagan's actions lead to the downfall of the Soviet Union. While this is something that can neither be proved nor disproved, it is worth noting that Moshe Lewin and others have provided compelling counter-explanations.


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