Gujarat genocide

In a victory for progressive forces, Narendra Modi cancelled his trip to London scheduled for the past weekend. Here is the text of the call to demonstrate against his presence:
Protest against Modi: Justice for victims of the Gujarat genocide

Saturday 26 March Royal Albert Hall 5PM
Narendra Modi, the chief minister of Gujarat, and the major architect of genocide of the Muslims in Gujarat, is the guest of honour at Gujarat celebration on Saturday 26 March at Royal Albert Hall.

The Dawood Family Justice Campaign and Awaaz-South Asia Watch urge all progressive organisations and individuals to join our demonstration to protest against the presence of Modi in the UK.

Exactly three years ago, in February and March 2002, Gujarat witnessed horrific incidents of unparalleled violence that can only be described as genocide of innocent Muslim people. Over 2000 people, including British Asians, were slaughtered with more than 100,000 people displaced in under-resourced refugee camps. Houses were systematically looted, businesses burnt down, hundreds women gang raped and many children murdered. All the evidence suggests that the Gujarat state government, led by the current Chief Minister Narendra Modi, and the police orchestrated the violence and were responsible for the carnage. Yet, despite domestic and international public pressure, not a single prominent individual has been held to account or brought to justice.

The US refuses entry to Modi

On 18th March 2005 the US government revoked the visa earlier granted to Narendra Modi, the chief minister of Gujarat, for his role "in severe violation of religious freedom". Modi was invited by the Asian American Hotel Owner's Association (AAHOA) as chief guest for their annual convention in Florida on March 24-26. This revocation of both diplomatic and business visas has come about as a result of untiring effort of the US-based Coalition against Genocide (CAG) which comprises of 38 organisations and 10 supporting groups alongside individual members from Canada and the US.

More about the Gujarat genocide:

The Dawood Family Justice Campaign

AWAAZ - South Asia Watch

It is good that America has led the way in marginalising Modi within the 'international community'. However, it is also important to keep the pressure on in relation to India's neighbour Pakistan, which should not be seen as a beacon of democracy and tolerance.

On the US-Pak[istan] relations, [Pakistani Foreign Minister Khurshid M. Kasuri] said Washington looked to hold close ties with Islamabad on permanent basis beyond the purpose of war on terror. "These are not my words but that of US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice."

Asked whether there was a guarantee that the US would not backtrack from its promise, he said, "No one can guarantee that. America is not a bank which should be asked for a guarantee. It has its own interests. If its interest are not matched with any country no one can compel it". "If our interests are not matched with USA in any matter, we will refuse to support to it," he said and cited Pakistan's refusal to send its forces to Iraq as an example.

Claiming the US decision to sell F-16s to Pakistan as a success of Islamabad's foreign policy, he said both countries were working to further deepen and underpin their longstanding cordial ties.

Kasuri also said that Pakistan will not rollback its nuclear programme.
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Anonymous said…
I often search through on coverage relating to Gujarat Genocide as time passes, more important it is to bring awareness, so I was pleased to find this blog. Thank you for doing something to raise awareness of family's ciontinueed struggle to get justice.

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