Defeating the boycott

In case you haven't already heard, the AUT boycott of Israeli universities was revoked yesterday. As usual, ENGAGE is the place for the fullest accounts, including news of resigned members re-joining and "the great reservoir of decency and integrity at the core of the AUT membership", Sue Blackwell's response to her defeat; and the story of anti-boycott Palestinians under threat.

I was very struck by this phrase in an article by David M Seymour about many pro-boycott activists at yesterday's AUT special meeting: "they hate Israel more than they love the Palestinians".

Here's some of the blogsphere comment:

Civitas: The Unholy Wisdom of British Academics - drawing attention to the next fight: the boycott proposals from NATFHE, the other HE union...

Wondering aloud - a brand new blog, drawing attention to the dodgy wording of the Guardian's reportage of the issue.

Bert's Blog puts it succintly: Up Yours Sue!

And, in a kind of footnote: Harry's Place reports that Sue Blackwell has turned against Gilad Atzmon, who is still due to speak at the SWP's Marxism 2005 event, despite the criticism of SWP bloggers like Lenin and Dead Men Left. (I still like Atzmon's music, even if I don't like all his views!) [See update here.]

Other news: NAS Council on International Cooperation in Science opposes boycott

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