Thursday, March 16, 2006

Flemming Rose: Straussian neo-con Mossad agent

When I first posted about the Danish cartoon furore, I got a comment from 'Anonymous' giving some basic biographical data about Flemming Rose, the editor of Jyllands-Posten, the Danish periodical at the centre of the storm. (I also got a recommendation from ModernityBlog for M&S Danish Unsmoked extra lean bacon. Thanks!)

So, Anonymous helpfully mentioned Rose's Ukrainian Jewish background. I didn't think much of it, perhaps someone who knew about this blog's Jew-ish slant thought I/my readers might find it interesting.

Then I noticed similar posts to other sites, often contrasting David Irving's treatment, say, or putting 'anti-semitic' in scare quotes. I became aware that a whole conspiracy theory has built up around Rose (or 'Rose' as they prefer to call him - today's fascists tend to be liberal with quotation marks). He is a Zionist, a Mossad agent, a friend of 'Jewish extremist' Daniel Pipes*, an agent of the Project for the New American Century, etc etc.

Commieprof James Petras, Bartle Professor (Emeritus) of Sociology at Binghamton University, for example, asks "How is the Israeli secret service, Mossad, implicated in provoking the Western-Islamic/Arab conflict, and how do the consequences measure up to their expectations?", noting that Rose "has close working relations with the Israeli state (and in particular the far right Likud regime)". This is the mild version, and I won't link to the more extreme versions, because I don't link to fascist websites, even when they masquerade as leftist, anti-Islamophobic or New Age websites.

An illustration, as if we needed another, of the horrid convergence between sections of the left and the far right, brought together by a common hatred of Zionism. Or should that be 'Zionism'?

An illutration, too, of what is wrong with free speech fundamentalism - the idea that you should defend anyone's right to free speech, even libelous fascists.


An interesting side angle: Wikipedia has been one of the battlegrounds of the struggle. The biographical data that asserts Rose is of Jewish origin, and taken as the evidence for Rose's Mossad links, appeared on Wikipedia, with no real evidence, and then dissappeared when sensible wiki-people took action. (See Judeopundit.) This illustrates one of the problems with letting ordinary folk like us write reference books.


* Added my own scare quotes around 'Jewish extremist' to make intended irony apparent. A google search for "jewish extremist daniel pipes" throws up 47 hits, many from David Duke's website.

Essential reading: Flemming Rose and Me, by Daniel Pipes and ModernityBlog's How to Spot a Wrong One

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