Israeli anti-semites?

A guest post by Jogo
I always understood that there was a very dark side to the in-migration of Soviet Jews to Israel. The entire enterprise is racist -- Jewish-racist. The Law of Return (itself problematical, and more than a little dubious) has been applied to Soviet persons who are barely -- in many cases, not -- Jewish. If, in Israel's one-drop accounting system, you have a Jewish grand-parent, you are "Jewish," and qualify for this mythic "re-patriation."

So, of course (who could be blind to the possibility?), the stream of Russians would enevitably come to include emigres who have 0.00% Yiddishkeit, and are less integrated into Am-Israel than into Russian-ness, including normative Russian anti-semitic thinking and attitudes. The State-sponsored influx of Russians increased the population with a significant number of Russian people whose qualification for membership in Israeli society was one in the wood-pile (in the distant past), and whose baggage included their teenage skin-head children (in the present). Having no roots in old, authentic Jewish communities (as had Iraqis, Tunisians, Moroccans, etc.), many of these people needed to be "re-Judaized" by Rabbi-developed and State-mandated night school classes.

And now we see in Israel a weird underbelly of citizenship-holding Jew-haters -- not our bretheren, the garden-variety of Leftwing so-called self-hating Jews; but real, actual anti-semites of the classical European, even neo-Nazi, persuasion.

See this story from Ha-Aretz.


Akaky said…
Okay, that counts as one of the stranger things I've heard all year
Anonymous said…
Russian,Jewish,neo nazis?