Brown people etc (a UK-centric post)

Will in comments to a post here alerted me to the shocker best summed up by Baggage Reclaim:
A few changes on the links list to reflect changing times - it's goodbye to "Pickled Politics", it's one thing opposing government policy, but proclaiming "it's time for "brown" people to vote Conservative" gets you off my endorsed list.
Sunny (of Pickled Politics) rephrased himself a little the next day.

For those "brown people" thinking of turning Tory, this story should add a note of caution. (Updated: more here. Worth adding, for those of you who don't know: Munira Mirza is a veteran of the RCP.)

However, the idea that brown people should be most against more draconian anti-terror legislation, or even more for anti-racist initiatives, is wrong. There is evidence to suggest that there have been Asian BNP voters in Coventry (not to mention the Asian Tories who represent Foleshill in the council there) and Birmingham. And there is no reason why Asian people should not be as frightened of Islamist terror attacks as white people are.

Various other bits and bobs:
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Will said…

It gets even worse.

check this out

"Once again the left have emerged from this one looking like a bunch of humourless, anorak-clad conspiracy theorists whose arguments can be easily dismissed as the work of a bunch of single-issue loons who think M15 have bugs in every third cressplant in Kettering and who spend their Sunday afternoons faxing the Commons Banqueting Department complaining that Moira Stewart is laughing at them out of the TV."

They now are Conspiracy in name and belief in cranky conspiracy theorising in practice.

“It’s time for brown people to switch to Tory”

-Sunny Hundal, 16 June 2008
bob said…
I have to say, my commitment to civil liberties is not what it used to be. I can't get worked up about 42 days.

And Davis as the apostle of libertarianism turns my stomach.

Liberal Conspiracy seems to be becoming the new Harry's Place in General Theory demonology? And perhaps rightfully so!
Anonymous said…
Well done Bob, you're now officially taking advice on politics from a crackhead.
Will said…
A crackhead?

Wot's Moany Hundial got against drug users?

His creepy Conservatism and authoritarian hang em and flog em ideology is seeping out for allto see.
Will said…
“It’s time for brown people to switch to Tory”

-Sunny Hundal, 16 June 2008
Will said…
Metrosexual and Flatheed with their saviour and strongman leader

PS. “It’s time for brown people to switch to Tory”

-Sunny Hundal, 16 June 2008
Anonymous said…
Forgotten to take today's fix crackhead?

Why not just meet your dealer, give him whatever sexual favours you usually offer and get your kicks? At least you might stop polluting the blogosphere for a little bit.
Will said…
From a piece by Conor Foley that appeared on Pickled prick's cuntspiracy shite:

“visits to the constituency by celebrities and all the other usual campaigning techniques should be deployed to try and turn out a respectable vote for him.”

Kill them. Kill them all.


“It’s time for brown people to switch to Tory”

-Sunny Hundal, 16 June 2008
Anonymous said…
Brown people?

Thinking all "brown people" share a collective self-interest is essentialst garbage. We have similar nonsense in the U.S. emanating from the pseudo-scholars and race hucksters who go on and on about the interests of "people of color" as if the interests of Latinos, Africans, Pacific Islanders, etc. etc. etc. were identical. It is lunacy.

Among Latinos, there are clear differences in the voting patterns and preferences of, for example, Mexican-Americans and Cuban-Americans. My inlaws would say the same about Indian-Americans and Pakistani-Americans.

People like Sunny would reduce this tension and diversity to one undifferentiated mass of "brown people." If this rhetoric was coming from the far right instead of the identity obsessed left it would be decried as racist.
bob said…
To be fair, the general thrust of Sunny's intervention has been against essentialist and authoritarian forms of identity politics. I liked this post, although I don't completely agree with it.

And Sunny is still bashing Boris.
Anonymous said…
Well then, thanks for the clarification and correction.
Will said…
Bob said - "To be fair..."

Duncan said…
It shouldn't be surprising that Asian people are prepared to vote BNP, there has been, after all, a very small but consistent number of Jews on the fascist right in Britain.

If we can get over the shock of people associating freely with other people who would happily exterminate them it's not so difficult to accept that many of the very people who will be disproportionately targetted by anti-terrorist legislation actually support it.

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