Friday, September 26, 2008


Posted too much today, so here's some navigation help:

Take your pick! I'll be back after the weekend, I expect.


Darren said...

Karl Marx being 'interviewed' in the Socialist Standard in 1983:

before there was blogging

bob said...

A bit dry, but very good. A classic of the genre, of course, is the famous (final?) issue of Marxism Today.

P.S. Got the Rocker quote wrong: it's "a goy, ober take a mentsh" - something a very religious Jew said to Rocker after the 1911 garment industry strike he led in the East End. "A goy to be sure, but a mentsh." Hard to translate. The polite version, which Joseph Leftwich gives, is "Not a Jew, but a man." Actually, as most people will know "goy" is somewhat insulting, but "mentsh" is more complimentary than just "man".