Bob and Jesus

From Jogo:
From The Forward, a review of a new documentary about Bob Dylan's Jesus years. The director, Joel Gilbert (interesting fellow), sells the DVD on his own website. I'd like to buy it, it's only $15.

Also read about Gilbert's apocalyptic film Farewell, Israel.


maps said…
Hi Bob, sorry to threadjack you, but I thought the machinations of these people might interest you:

Some background here:

Maps (a Dylan freak who obstinately insists Planet Waves is amongst his best albums, and that Shot Of Love isn't actually too bad)
bob said…
Thanks Maps. Have over-ruled Jogo and posted this in a post of its own. Was going to delete this, but thought the Dylanology worth preserving. I think those Christian albums are great. Planet Waves is one of my favourites too.

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