God’s only excuse…

From Tehran with love. (Via Noga, who calls it a howl of desperation from Selma, in response to this.)

Update 11 Feb/22 Bahman: Follow today's protests in Iran at the Guardian (via Stotty). (Other sources linked to here likely to also have coverage. More links here.)

Update 12 Feb/23 Bahman: They stand together, where are we?

And look at this disgraceful response from MRZine (via NeoResistance).

Update 15 Feb/26 Bahman: Dissappointed to notice that Lenin's Tomb saw fit to publish what I referred to above as a disgraceful response - by Yoshie and entitled "The Islamic Revolution Defeats Western Hopes for Regime Change". Richard Seymour and the SWP have much more sensible views on the Iranian uprising. Why on earth to they continue to give airspace to these pro-fascist views?


Judeosphere said…
Videos are also being posted at the opposition news site Rahesabz.net:


(Click on hyperlinks in lower right-hand corner of post)
bob said…
Thanks. Hard to navigate for a non-Persian speaker, but fascinating.

This, uploaded today, is pretty gruelling:


This was intriguing and if anyone can tell me what is going on I'd be grateful:


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