Is Tom Cruise a homosexual/dead/Jewish/a Freemason/infertile/a Rangers fan?

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Peter Risdon (ex of Freeborn John) has moved aptly named site, "Peter Risdon, Weblog"(note to self: update blogroll). Also, I was shocked to notice that neither of my regular reads Mick Hartley nor Adam Holland are on my blogroll (note to self: sort it out). I am very pleased to be included in the small but perfectly formed blogroll of James Horrox, possibly the coolest list of websites I've ever been included him (note to self: reciprocate). From his tweetage, this gem (Bob Black attacking Chomsky, among others), which might get a post of its own one day (note to self: write that post, cherrypicking the bits I agree with and leaving out the bits I don't). I've also been reading some of the posts at Obliged To Offend, which sits somewhat to the Harryist side of me but which I plan to keep reading (note to self: think about adding to blogroll).

Is Tom Cruise a homosexual/dead/Jewish/a Freemason/infertile/a Rangers fan?
An enjoyable post by the CST on Google's alleged Islamophobia and the public's Jew/not a Jew obsession. (Apparently, by the way, I am the go-to site for these phrases: use hubris in a sentence, black pastors who are not voting for barak obama and  female circumcision bme.)

Mad Men: a Foucauldian reading
From Potlatch.

Digital Economy Bill 
Bad, bad, bad.

Beating a strawman to death?
BenSix on Kenan Malik on "diversity" and "multiculturalism".

Tory madness
Kamm on the conspiracist crank who inspires the so-called Red Tories.

Zionism/Anti-Zionism, continued
British ortho-Marxism, the Boer war and finance capital. Opposing Israel Lobby is Not Same as Supporting Palestinian Rights. Robert Fine and Colin Shindler opposing the forces of ultra-nationalism in the Guardian and in Israel.

Left-right convergence
Nick Cohen on left meets right. Adam Holland and Gene on Cynthia McKinney, now on Press.TV with George Galloway.

Imperialist feminism/reproducing horseshit
Ophelia, via Mick, on postcolonial feminism and Afghanistan.

Chomsky's buddies
The Srebernica massacre's apologists and deniers. The Chavez regime, a threat to Venezuelans.

Bob's beats
From LGF, who sez:
This is a rare 1976 video of Keith Jarrett’s European quartet, with Jan Garbarek (sax), Palle Danielsson (bass), and Jon Christensen (drums), playing the abstract yet oddly lyrical tune “Mandala,” from the absolutely exquisite album My Song. (iTunes Store.)


Katie Sutton said…
If you would be interested in joing the Open Rights Group in presenting a heartfelt gesture of thanks to the people who brought you the tragi-comedy that is the Digital Economy Bill, we would love to have your help.

We think we're being made fools of with the Digital Economy Bill; we think someone is making a mockery of our democracy - but now we're turning the joke around.

We're having a top secret April Fools flashmob in Central London on Thursday April 1st; as in our protest outside Westminster earlier this week, we'll have flyers and placards: we just need people to help us out.

If you can't make it, please pass on the message to anyone you know who might be able to!
ModernityBlog said…
Is Bob Black a big honcho in the anarchist movement?

I scanned his entry at Wiki, and that's what it suggests but I'd welcome some clarification.

Reading that article he certainly has an enjoyable way with words!
Anonymous said…
He is a very controversial character amongst anarchists, notorious for giving out vicious abuse. He has been accused, among many other things, of having written for the Holocaust revisioninst Journal of Historical Review.
ModernityBlog said…
Gotcha, writing for the IHJ? What an arse.
bob said…
My sense of Black is a B list @ist, a talented polemicist but not an original thinker.

I didn't know about the IJHR allegation. This an allegation propogated by the highly unreliable fuedster Stewart Home, who wrote:

"To my knowledge, Black has never offered any explanation as to how his essay 'Politics, Prejudice and Procedure: The Impeachment Trial of Andrew Johnson' came to be published in the Journal Of Historical Review Vol 7 No. 2 (Summer 1986) run by the hardcore nazis at the Institute of Historical Review."

I also note that Chomsky was published in the previous issue, according to some sources. I don't think either of them gave permission for this, and I don't know what the text was about.

Any info from any readers?
Waterloo Sunset said…
Bob Black is a moron and a grass. See

Thankfully, he has no influence outside lifestylists, primitavists and other such fuckwits.

(Not sure on the IHR allegation though. As Bob says, Home isn't a reliable source).