Saturday, February 12, 2011

Other people's thoughts

On the Egyptian revolution and the spreading conflagration
Coptic Christians protect praying Muslims in Tahrir square 2 Feb (Nevine Zaki, via TCF)
   The build-up: 31 Jan: Lee Smith: Bush's legacy; 2 Feb: Carl Packman: The streets of Cairo; 4 Feb: Paul Cotteril: Will this be the iconic image of the Egyptian revolution?; 6 Feb: Bruce Riedel: Al-Qaeda's strange silence; Azarmehr: The litmus test of Iran's sincerity; 7 Feb: Nigel Gibson: The Cairo commune; 8 Feb: Occupied Cairo: On food; The political carnival; 9 Feb: Lee Smith: Is Al-Qaradawi the Khomeini of Egypt?; 10 Feb: Wael Ghonim's Message of Solidarity for Iran's Green Movement; Eric Lee and Benjamin Weinthal: Trade unions: the revolutionary social network at play in Egypt and Tunisia; Jano Charbel: The role of the unions in Egypt.
   11 Feb: Kellie Strom: Gone. Next?; Peter Kohanloo and Sohrab Ahmari: The revolt exposes the isolationist left's delusions and hypocrisy; Lee Smith: Bush's victory?; Alan A: Egyptian solidarity with Iran, and our lack of solidarity with both; Francis Sedgemore: Hosni Mubarak is a murderer and a thief.
   The aftermath: 12 Feb: Ali Alyami: Fears of a Muslim Brotherhood takeover are overblown; Clive Shiraz: Don't be alarmist about the Brotherhood; 21! Feb: Reuel Marc Gerecht: Obama and the Egyptian army; Richard S: Thinking about Taheya Carioca; Terry Glavin: Liberté, égalité, fraternité; Tom Eley: The demonstrators dissappeared and tortured by the army that is now in control; Nigel Gibson: Fanon in Tahrir Square; Lal Khan: Winds of change, Islamism and imperialism.
   And now to Algeria: The Telegraph: Algeria shuts down on-line dissent; The Moor next door: Algeria takes to the streets.

On David Cameron's speech, multiculturalism and Islam
Carl P: Praise and concerns; A cheep shot by Mehdi Hasan; Jim Denham: Multicultural maze; Nick Cohen: Feminists for Cameron; Labour's working class problem; Johan Hari: Cameron's souffle of spin; Reuben Bard-Rosenberg: Like his liberal critics, Cameron wants to nationalise our customs.

On Israel/Palestine
Nathan Jafay: Immigration sparks class showdown; Adam Kirsch: Sari Nusseibeh's cost analysis; Roni Drukan: Is there hope for the people of Gaza?

Owen Jones: Patriotism and the left; Mark Easton: Why is Britain so concerned about immigration?; Edd Mustill: Carnival of socialism; Modernity: Smoke-filled rooms, antisemitism and the Greens.


Anonymous said...

Clive Shiraz: Don't be alarmist about the Brotherhood
Is that actually his surname?

ModernityBlog said...


Thanks for the link, but sadly you missed out two of my favourites (I actually did some research!):

ModernityBlog said...

PS: Carnial of socialism? Is that a new theory? :)

bob said...

Made a few corrections and edits - thanks for pointing out my errors, guys - the post was published hastily late at night after reading through loads of material on the interweb.

ModernityBlog said...


Olivia's contribution is spam, follow the link.

But who hasn't written a post so late in the night to live to regret it in the morning (I have a long list of my own tatty post).

Still I think you'll like my new Chomsky post, not sure what to make of it.

Richard said...

Well your previous post on the subject demonstrates what an intellectual giant you are compared to that Gnome:
"I doubt that he’ll get a civil and concise answer from Chomsky, but that’s to be expected, such political charlatans of Chomsky’s ilk don’t like being cornered by straight forward questioning" brilliantly hindsees this and are not supporting any egregiously erroneous conclusions as one Matthew Good rudely puts it in the comments.

Jogo said...

Coptic Christians protecting praying Muslims.

Hmm .... Protecting them from whom?
From the military? From government thugs?
From mobs who hate praying Muslims?
So the 10% are protecting the 90%?
The persecuted tiny minority is protecting the culturally dominant majority?
Do Copts have such high status in Egypt that police wouldn't dare touch them?
Did you ask such questions of this picture?

Perhaps you accepted this image/story uncritically
(because it's so goody-goody-feely-feely)?

I mean, OK, maybe it's true.
But there are funny things about it, as well.

You always interrogate the Daily Mail quite ruthlessly.
You should interrogate this picture.