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News: Roberta Moore quits the "Nazi" EDL (plus background from Richard Bartholomew). EDL splinter group leader praises the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. EDL thugs abuse elderly Asian men in Halifax. EDLers in random race attacks on "Pakis" on the London Underground? (plus more from Andy Carrington). Rochdale EDL fascist in court for knife attack on Asian. Browse Exposing the English Defence League, which has lots of caps from EDL Facebook pages.

Analysis: Phil Dickens responding to the EDL on class.

Trans-Atlantic/Antipodean: The American Freedom Alliance and its flirtationsTogether at Last: Pastor Terry Jones and Rabbi Nachum ShifrenThe Stop Islamization groups come togetherThe latest on the Australian Defence League.

The fightback: Alarm on the EDL in Tower Hamlets.


Waterloo Sunset said…
To give a bit of clarification on the Protocols story, John 'Snowy' Snow isn't technically an EDL leader. He was (he was in right at the start), but he's fallen out with the leadership, to the point of Yaxley-Lennon having sent round thugs to his house. He was also one of the people on the roof of the Mosque in Dudley.

The Infidels are a splinter group, who are hostile to the EDL leadership as well as being openly racist.

What's interesting in this is seeing what Jeff Marsh (of Casuals United) does- he's always had a foot in both camps, posting both EDL statements and guest posts from Snowy.
bob said…
Yes, that's right. I should change the wording. I haven't delved into this, but people that have tell me that in facebook and so on, there is quite a bit of crossover between EDL and Infidel followers. Clearly, the Infidels cross over lines that the EDL don't, but I think the Infidels probably express more openly what most EDL people would like to say.
Flesh said…
There's an amusing error in the JC piece - either Mark Gardner's gone over to the dark side or Jennifer Lipman put him there:

"Mark Gardner, from the Community Security Trust, said: "This latest development shows, yet again, why Jews should not be involved in such circles."

"They will destroy this movement if allowed to remain.""
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