Something for the weekend

Apologies for slow blogging here these days (you're probably grateful actually). Here are some quick links.

Post of the week: Sarah Correia: Sarajevo from Ramazan to Bajram

The Normblog profile of my friend Michael Ezra. Dodgy opinions on political heroes and TV, and I'd hate to be at that dinner party! // Terry Glavin: Warsaw Ghetto, January 1943. Homs, Syria, August 2011: "NATO must help us." // IWCA analysis of the riots: The lumpen rebellion (trenchant and incisive, but in my view flawed).

Iz/Pal-ish:  Marko AH: Why we should support Palestinian statehood. // An open letter to Israel boycotters (via Green Gordon/Weggis). // Noam Edry: Zionist art at wadical Goldsmiths.

On the English Defence League: Some analysis from the AWL: A ban will do no good; Anti-fascists fall out in Norwich; Working class self-organisation can beat the EDL in Tower Hamlets. // Dishing the dirt at Malatesta. // Hope not Hate on the guns of the EDL: chilling.


Sarah AB said…
Everyone's very quiet! I very much sympathised with Marko's post but didn't sign the petition because the only people from the region (I mean those with whom I am acquainted via the blogosphere, not commentators) I've heard express a view were against - one Israeli, one Palestinian from the West Bank.

I enjoyed Michael's normblog profile - it's an interesting question about anonymity. Not being (really) anonymous myself probably makes me cautious.
Sometimes I wish I'd started out blogging completely anonymously ...

I also liked his choice of 'a suite at Claridges' as his alternative home because I find unashamed sybaratism disarming.
bob said…
Thanks Sarah. Everyone is indeed quiet, but then I've been quiet, and some kinds of quiet are better than some kinds of noise...

On the Palestinian state issue, personally I think that people who claim to be committed to two states need to show they're serious, altho the PA has not gone about this in a very good way.

I liked what Michael said about anonymity, but I know I made the right choice.

Just going to look up sybaratism.
Will said…
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bob said…
Indeed, quiet is almost always better than incitement to murder.

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