A quick raid

Here are some things that caught my eye while stealing time to browse.

At Shiraz Socialist, Comrade Clive denounces the lies and distortions about Libya of the Grauniad's posh Stalinists Seamus Milne and Jonathan Steele, while Andrew Coates decries the Guardian's courting of a "progressive" (that word again) Islamism in Tunisia.

Rob Marchant writes in the New Statesman on antisemitism as the new black - on the pernicious (and ultimately anti-Palestinian) influence of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

From a strangely interesting nook of the Occupy Wall Street movement comes the dispute between "the Drummers" and "the Demands working group", in a post by Ross that I had to read twice before deciding if it was satire. And, if you haven't already, read History at Night's account of the London camp, which more or less exactly matches my feelings when I went there last weekend.


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