British universities as platforms for racists

Recent weeks have seen several more incidents adding to the already over-long litany of British trade unions, student unions and universities giving a platform to unhinged racists. Spaces that were once oases of anti-racist sanity in racist Britain seem to be becoming the last bastions of racism in an increasingly tolerant Britain.

If proof was needed that having parents who will spend thousands of pounds sending you to one of Britain’s most upper class universities is no guarantee of intelligence, Exeter University’s “Friends of Palestine” Society* invited poisonous Holocaust denier Gilad Atzmon to speak. Apparently, Atzmon told listeners that "Hitler was right" and that AIPAC were the "Jewish lobby in America" and 'Antisemitism doesn't exist.'

Meanwhile, Nottingham University Debating Society has invited the British National Party’s Nick Griffin to talk on 24 November. I have always hated the concept of the debating society, both for masturbatory displays of class privilege and for the reduction of important and complex ideas reduced to an intellectual game. It is a common habit of debating societies to “daringly” invite fascist scum to speak (Exeter University springs to mind as having invited Griffin before) and the idiotic “free speech” cultists always applaud them for it.

Turning to the University of London, as a trade unionist I have been vaguely following the minor furore sparked by off-the-cuff racist remarks by RMT London regional organiser Steve Hedley at a RMT-sponsored anti-Israel rally at SOAS, snidely saying “you’re one of the chosen people” to Richard Millett.
For those who won’t see why this is racist, read these remarks overhead by Orwell:
Middle-aged office employee: “I generally come to work by bus. It takes longer, but I don’t care about using the Underground from Golders Green nowadays. There’s too many of the Chosen Race travelling on that line.”
Tobacconist (woman): “No, I’ve got no matches for you. I should try the lady down the street. She’s always got matches. One of the Chosen Race, you see.”
Young intellectual, Communist or near-Communist: “No, I do not like Jews. I’ve never made any secret of that. I can’t stick them. Mind you, I’m not antisemitic, of course.” (Quotes via Daniel Marks).
The issue was taken up by David Greenstein in the trade union blog Workrep, with some slight inaccuracies that provoked an even more inaccurate and indeed defamatory response from Hedley.

Interestingly, one of Hedley’s allegations is that Richard Millett “openly consorts with the neo-fascist EDL”. Millett himself has in fact consistently and unambiguously denounced the EDL, but I continue to have concerns about the large amount of space taken up in his comment thread by Roberta Moore and other internet identities who promote the EDL. One of the EDLers, for example, thinks that Searchlight are “utter bigots and enablers of clerical thugs have no interest in combating antisemitism”, because they oppose Islamophobia as well as other forms of racism. I also feel there is a disturbing causal mucking along conviviality between Richard’s regulars and the EDLers.

Reading the comment threads at Richard’s place is a depressing experience. The kind of paranoia and hysteria that makes commenters read about Hedley and think “There is a strong feel of 1938 in Britain these days” or “Compare Berlin 1936 and London 2012 both Olympic years” is very worrying.  This kind of paranoia is grounded in the very real pervasiveness of anti-Zionist antisemitism in British liberal culture, rather in pure fantasy, but it is enormously out of proportion with the actual facts.

One regular there is Jonathan Hoffman of the Zionist Federation, indefatigable campaigner against anti-Zionist excesses but not always the best advocate for his cause. I was interested to see a debate between Dan Sheldon, the president of the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) and Hoffman. I have no stake in advocating for Israel, their topic, but only in combating antisemitism (a distinction that both the UJS and Zionist Federation like to blur), but I find myself agreeing with most of Sheldon’s sharp criticisms of Hoffman. Here is Jonathan’s response.

On the other hand, I think it is Hoffmanesquely counterproductive for the UJS to treat Norman Finkelstein as analogous to Gilad Atzmon and Nick Griffin, and to picket Finkelstein at Leeds University, as the UJS have done. Finkelstein has said some unpleasant things and has some unsavoury views, but there is quite a lot of clear blue water between him and the Atzmons and Griffins we should be no platforming. Telling the world we can’t tell the difference is to seriously undermine our case.

UPDATE: Contententious Centrist responds to this post here. (Also relevant, read this "conversation in D minor".) UPDATE 2: CST report on Atzmon. JC report on these and other recent campus hate fixtures.

*On the Exeter event, Sarah informs me that some publicity for this event bills it as a Palestine Solidarity Campaign event. I haven't researched this fully.

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jams o donnell said…
Was it Atzmon saying the Hitler was right quote in relation to a possible war between Iran and Israel as per his book?

Forgive my relative ignorance about Atzmon (I have him marked down as a piece of excrement and have left it at that and so I have not investigated him further)

However "self-hating" he is (not an expression I care for) I cannot believe he would even think to make any reference indicating that Hitler was correct in respect of his treatment of the Jews.

As for the "Chosen People" comment, sdly it strikes me that the Jews are chosen in the sense of being chosen as objects of hate. Times change but some attitudes don't die,
Dave Brockly said…
"songs to counter zionist bullies"
will also be part of the raise your banner festival in bradford.

Maybe Gilad Atzmon will enjoy the strawberry thieves choir singing "war crimes"
just a shame the song ,compares the bombing of german towns and killing of palestinians to the death of 6 million(though Atzmon might dispute that) jews in the holocaust .
While complaining that "the chosen people"rule the roost.
some might say that John Hamiltons words are just anti zionist ,but i think it goes further in a way Atzmon would approve
bob said…
Jams, the report of Atzmon on UJS website was fustratingly short, so don't know context and have not researched it. I'm sure he contextualised or qualified his Hitler statement.

Dave, I am sure Atzmon would hate the Strawberry Thieves turgid music, but get on well with their politics! In fact, he may well have met them via Brockley singer-songwriter Sarah Gillespie.
EscapeVelocity said…
Im afraid that British Universities have been platforms for racists all along Bob.

It's just that you were down with the racists of another color/ethnicity/religion...and called them anti-racists.

Just as Robert Mugabe was always a racist, even as he opposed the racist government of Southern Rhodesia.

Unfortunately the Left never cared to make the distinction, and so having empowered different racists, are seeing a surge in racists of the variety that Bob doesnt particularly care for. Of course we are also seeing people that have been shut out of the identity politics zeitgeist and arent classic racists, now seeing that being shut out has and continues to disempower their groups to the advantage of other groups that get to play, so it is inevitable that these groups that have been shut out will join the identity politics political zeitgeist, instead of continuing to be shut out of the established political process and thus be assured to lose in that process.

But alas...
Sarah AB said…
Yes I think that's right Jams.

"We, for instance, can envisage a horrific situation in which an Israeli so-called ‘pre-emptive’ nuclear attack on Iran that escalates into a disastrous nuclear war, in which tens of millions of people perish. I guess that amongst the survivors of such a nightmare scenario, some may be bold enough to argue that ‘Hitler might have been right after all.”

That's a quote from the book which I just found on Engage. Now one *could* argue that just to quote 'Hitler was right' is taking it out of context because GA is talking about an extreme hypothetical event. If he stood up and just said 'Hitler was right' almost everyone would be shocked. But by sneaking the outrageous statement in like that he gives it a (very thin) respectable veneer. 'Bold' seems to hint at a genuine endorsement.
Sarah AB said…
With regard to the question of the PSC involvement, the CST blog seems to get it right

I have had no response to my emails to either the Exeter or main PSC office.
Dave Brockley said…
you may be interested in this

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