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Histomatist is a very interesting blog. I disagree profoundly with much of the politics (the blogger is an SWP activist), but there's a wealth of material about Marxism and history. But I what I really like is the nice mix of self-promotion and self-deprecation embodied in the sidebar section entitled "What they say":
With that in mind, I thought I'd pass on some of the things "they" say about me:
  • "Bob from Brockley [is] a bit negative-leaning where this movement [Occupy] is concerned and also too focused on perceived antisemitisms (IMHO), but Bob certainly does his homework)" - Alan W Moore
  • "80th best non-aligned blogger of 2011" - Total Politics
  • "Bob from Brockley’s alrite tho even if he does live in south London" - Principia Dialectica
  • "my number one referrer of factualistic things" - Steve Aitch
  • "Yeah, Bob from Brockley. If I need to know how many angels to fit on the tip of a needle I know where to go. How many ‘hands’ does that guy have (three to make his points and a spare pair for the handwringing)? Friends of that other twit, Modders, could never be friends of mine." - Gert
While I'm here, a blog you might like: 21st Century Fix (thoughtful left-wing Labour). And also let me recommend Snoopy's response to TNC's guest post here, on Israeli democracy. Anyway, with apologies for slow blogging in 2012. (Or maybe you're thanking me for it.)


Jim Jepps said…
In that case I'll say something about you too... you're one of those blogs I always read but don't comment on nearly enough. It's usually good quality stuff even when I don't agree and I hope the slow start to 2012 simply indicates that you're taking a run up to the year and are about to burst into action.
bob said…
Thanks Jim - very kind.

The bursting into action will come, but not that soon...
modernity's ghost said…

Did I say that about an SWP blogger?

Clearly, I was far too polite.

But if you want a quote then I am happy to oblige:

Bob is too charitable by half, however, his blog is good and often generates quality discussions on anti-racism & anti-fascism. Recommended.
Waterloo Sunset said…
"Alright, considering he has the disadvantage of being a Southerner".
bob said…
Thanks Mod. Rare to see an example of me being more uncharitable than you...

And thanks WS for the damnation by faint praise. [insert appropriate emoticon here to show I can take a joke] The lesson: folks from the North of England spell better than those from North London. Or something.
Mil said…
Mention much appreciated, Bob. Your blog - and broad-ranging round-ups in particular - were the inspiration for a project I've been trying to get off the ground on UK identities.

I obviously don't have sufficient powers of persuasion as yet; but at least your blog continues to persuade me on the subjects it so resiliently sustains.

Even though I don't comment, I always eagerly await the overviews. Almost a public service, in fact, which you provide!

Well, yes. A much-needed public service you provide.

Sarah AB said…
Bob - glad you tracked down that comment by Gert as it came into my mind as I began to read the other negative testimonials - but I couldn't remember where it had been made. I think I'll nick your idea for a w/e post at HP ...
modernity's ghost said…

Talking of historians, Jim at Shiraz seems to think that Pappe is a political antisemite, whatever that is.

This is the key bit:

"...Nabulsi and Pappé – are on record as advocating the destruction of Israel, and are therefore political antisemites. Such people need to be confronted and denounced for what they are: political antisemites. "

Utter nonsense.

I do wish they stop throwing around the word, antisemite like a 1930's hack shouting "social fascist" at his political opponents. This type of misuse really detracts from the meaning of the word.

What's your view Bob?
modernity's ghost said…
Ops, the link
I'll see your head-of-a-needle hand-wringing and raise you my recent "shoeshine boy for Hitchens."

"Yassuh, Missa Chris - Howz you likes yuh polish, Missa Chris?"
bob said…
On Ilan Pappe: I don't know enough about him, and will go and read the post, but my sense is that you are right Mod. I think the term "political antisemitism" is a problematic one.

AJA: The shoeshine boy line is one to treasure!

Thanks all for kind comments. And thanks, Sarah, for this:
Go read it before the comments get binned folks!

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