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No one likes us we don't care
Paul C on Labour's alcohol problem, and Chris Dillow on the faux-libertarian take on booze and fags (including a picture of Katie Price).

Police spies
Mark Metcalfe on Mark Cassidy aka Mark Jenner.

Beyond the fragments
Left unity: Salman Shaheen for, Paul C against. Phil on populism. AWL on aping UKIP.

Ta-Nehisi Coates on the good racist people. Mehdi Hasan and Usama Hasan on Muslim antisemitism.

Islamism and secularism
Ben Six on The Piety of the Political and Social Commentator… ; Paul C on Habermas, Islam and left secularism.

El presidente is dead, long live el presidente:  Danny Postel and (not as good) Ali Hashem on Chavez's Middle Eastern legacy. Matthew Fishbane on Venezuela's lost Jews.
The Pope is dead, long live the pope: Nathan Englander on Francis and Argentina's dirty war.

Nick Cohen on Seymour, Hitchens and Verso. James B says The war in Iraq was wrong. But the anti-war movement has very little to be smug about. Rob Marchant on Labour and 21st century internationalism.

What Sarah Schulman doesn't know about Hamas.

The male left
Laurie Penny and Zoe Stavri on the Circled A show.


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