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Ethnic cleansing globalised
I'm not sure if I've already blogged this, but if you haven't read it you have to: Rebecca L on Buddhists, Myanmar, Incitement to Murder, and Responsibility for one's own actions.

Blog recommendations
I'm not sure how many posts at Jacobinism I've recommended before, but please read them all, especially the last two: Bullets, Books & Pens (on Malala and more) and Day of the Demagogue (on anti-Muslim violence and The Apocalyptic Fantasies of the Liberal Left and the Far-Right). Also check out Homo Economicus, including this indictment of Mo Ansar's marriage advice and this rebuttal of Assed Baig on Malala. Which leads neatly on to:

Secularism, Islamism, the left - in the West and in MENA
Everywhere: Peter Ryley: Moderates (must read).
UK: From One Law For All: Siding with the Oppressor: The Pro-Islamist Left, by John Miller, with a postscript: The politics of betrayal, by Maryam Namazie [pdf]. Read the postscript here too. Kenan Malik on the pleasures of pluralism and the pain of offence. James AVPS on the left and Islamism.
From Bangladesh to East London: Delwar Hussain.
Tunisia: The tightening grip of Salafism in Tunisia: an interview with Habib Kazdaghli. Defending the revolution in Tunisia.
Egypt: Mariz Tadors: J'Accuse the West.
Pakistan: Bina Shah on the Malala backlash.

The Protocols of the Interest Rate Lobby
On the conspirationists in Turkey's AKP and opposition.

AJ Adler: “It goes without saying”: the Further Rhetoric of Terrorist Apologia. Liel Leibowitz on Greenwald's bizarre anti-American/anti-Israel conspirationism. James Bloodworth on internet freedom on Snowden's flight path.

Objective pro-fascism?
The Overgrown Path on Benjamin Britten, pacifism and the Nazi invasion of Britain.

Britain's spycops
A strange kind of glory: Paul Stott on life undercover. The Socialist Party on the Peter Francis and the 1990s infiltration of anti-racist groups and Militant fronts: Scandal of police attempt to denigrate Lawrence family.

UK anti-fascism
South London Anti-Fascists Statement of Principles. Flesh is Grass: Unite Against Fascism. Sam Morecroft and Chaz Lockett: Far-right EDL march in Sheffield: class-based response needed. Paul Stott: Assessing the British far right and the ground it stands on. Matthew Bromfield: EDL LGBT, the dark side of the rainbow.

Antisemitism watch
Tory Patrick Mercer. Judge Frederik Harhoff. Lib Dem Jenny Tonge. Lib Dem David Ward. Lib Dem Sir Bob Russell. (Hmm, is there a trend here?)

Trade unionist Emine Ibrahim on supporting progressive forces. David Hirsh on the left and Israel. AJ Adler on the uncanny John Mearsheimer.

Sultan Knish: We are all George Zimmerman.

Liberal interventionism
Marco Hoare on the case for arming Syrian rebels.

The left is fucked
Automnia: Left for dead. Platypus/Endnotes: What is to be done with the left?

Bob's Beats
Soundscapes of Bahrain, by Ari Akkermans. The dangers of being retro: revivalism in dance music.
Çapulcu Şarkılar: Music of the Turkish spring. Crooners and their dictators.

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Rob Marchant said…
Bob, great stuff as always. Just a pedant point: Jenny Tonge, as far as I understand, no longer takes the Lib Dem whip (quite rightly).

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