Russell Brand click bait

I have nothing to say about Russell Brand but, a little late, here are four links to people who do have something to say, and say it well:
And here's what I tweeted when I read the Guardian installment of Brand's intervention:
On the other hand, I have a tiny bit of sympathy with this, although I think the article it comes from is 99% bullshit:

It’s not surprising that the PoshLeft are so rigid and judgmental about Brand and anyone who supports Brand’s Brand of politicizing the masses since the PoshLeft is even less tolerant on many levels than the extreme Right. They criticize the Right Wing and they criticize any part of the Left that does not follow the rules of their elite club. As Brand states in his essay, “The right seeks converts and the left seeks traitors. This moral superiority that is peculiar to the left is a great impediment to momentum."


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kellie said…
What's the PoshLeft? I know some well-off leftists loved it, some of them in Academia too. Has anyone polled opinion on Brand by income category? That would be interesting to see.
bob said…
And, as Sam Geall said on Twitter, if there is a Posh Left, it's probably the New Statesman, who published Brand,
Anonymous said…
It's interesting, in the UK he was criticised for talking about posh lefties, and for encouraging non voting.
In the US, it was for being white and straight.

kellie said…
He goes down well in the Bloomsbury Working Men's Club - fourth audio clip here.
Sarah AB said…
I haven't reread it since reading your post Bob - but I found Robert Webb very impressive.

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