1930s Paris comes to South London

The folks who brought us the Brockley Jack Film Club and Piccadilly are returning to South London with a night of surreal cabaret: Revue ZouZou.


It's on February 8 at the Ivy House. Gypsy jazz, performance, magic and more.  It'll be a good night. Tickets here, Twitter here, Facebook here.

The Ivy House, incidentally, is London's first co-operatively owned pub, the first pub to be listed as an
Asset of Community Value, and the first building in the UK to be bought for the community under the provisions of the Localism Act. The whole story - of how local people came together to save a local pub - is here. Well worth supporting!

The Ivy House is a fifteen-twenty minute walk from Nunhead and Brockley train stations. Brockley is also on the Overground. (Links are to station info and local maps.)

Here's Django Reinhardt, whose songs Belleville Rendezvous play, with a South London song:


Brian Goldfarb said…
Bob, looks like a great night. While we, as North Londoners do venture further south than just the South Bank and the Globe (we have friends in Tooting and we go regularly to the Dulwich Picture Gallery), we are actually away then.

Perhaps, in future, you might (for us "foreigners" add a note as to the nearest train station and/or local buses.

bob said…
Thanks Brian. Good to know the ripples are felt across the river. There's a whole continent of fun and culture between Tower Bridge and Tooting!

Good point on the orientation hints. Will add something to the post.

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