Bob From Brockley's Election Priorities

My plan for this blog between now and the UK general election is a series of posts on my hopes for the outcome. I've got six, and I'm going to publish them in reverse order. I'll update this post as I publish them, as a kind of table of contents. If, by any chance, I manage to write and publish all six, I might add more afterwards, but that's a long shot. All my election coverage will be collected under this category.

no.1: Tories out
no.2: Contain the rise of UKIP
no.3: Kick George Galloway out of Bradford - and out of British politics
no.4: Leave some space for the left
no.5: Destroy the far right
no.6: Get rid of David Ward

Other posts:

Exclusive: Interview with Chris Flood, TUSC candidate for Lewisham Deptford
On Lewisham West and Penge's far right candidate George Whale
On Lewisham East's unsavoury UKIP candidate Anne Marie Waters

From the last elections:

The May 2014 UKIP earthquake was a relatively minor tremor
London is neither as exceptional nor as homogenous as the media tells us
The Tories are the main losers from UKIP, and the “left behind” narrative is flawed
The Lib Dems are nearly dead
The Greens are a viable force in the inner city
I now live in a one party state
The BNP is completely dead, but we shouldn’t relax too much
The left-of Labour-left is not electorally viable
Gallowayism is dead in Bradford but clings on in East London
The Jewish vote is returning to Labour
Is the Jewish vote leaving Labour again?

In May, when (hopefully) Britain has a new government, normal business will resume.


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