A fortnight later

Another round-up of some of the things I've read over the past days.


  • Joan Ryan's parliamentary speech against Hezbollah focused on its threat to Israel and Jews. Syria Solidarity has published an important briefing that highlights a neglected and in some ways more significant indictment of Hezbollah: its role in extensive crimes against Syrian civilians. Read it.
We are all Hezbollah
  • It's always a pleasure to read Padraig Reidy. Here he tells us why he feels sorry for George Galloway.
Does Labour have an antisemitism problem?
  • Marlon Gutman's ballad of Mike Sivier is a brilliant case study in a particularly corrosive form of low-level antisemitism that is all too common on the left.
  • Charles Davis forensically takes apart Redfish, a supposedly "grassroots" lefty citizen media site that turns out to be part of the Russian state.
  • I mentioned "An Investigation Into Red-Brown Alliances: Third Positionism, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, And The Western Left" in a recent edition, but it's been edited and re-blogged at Libcom. It's very long, but it is really valuable. 
Lesser evilism


Migreli said…
The sectarian and ethnic warfare in the Middle East continues, as it has for the past hundred years, since the collapse of the Ottomans. It is a war of Imperial Succession, and looks likely to continue until the establishment of homogeneous states in the region, as in Europe, replacing the patchwork of villages, towns, provinces and regions that are divided along racial, religious and national lines. It is unreasonable to expect the Middle East to succeed where Europe failed.

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