Summer's end

Another one of my usual round-ups. Not so long this time.

Call to action
SyriaUK on what Britain can do in light of the Assad/Russia assault on Idlib.

Street politics
History is Made at Night on Trump as monster tyrant, and our opposition to him.

The left
Tom Harris in Clarion on three dreadful Labour MPs. Louis Proyect on the Jacobin/Spiked convergence (Jacobin being the outlet that is taking over the UK's  81-year old Tribune magazine, former home of George Orwell and Michael Foot - see also this long pplswar Twitter thread on Jacobin).

The right
Two from Spencer Sunshine: Why the Alt Right May Gain Momentum in 2018 and Anti-Immigrant Rampage in Germany Shows Expansion of Right-Wing Violence. Comrade Motopu on whether fascism is a form of socialism.

Left-right convergence
Louis Proyect on Normal Finkelstein, Patrick Cockburn and the other leftists who publish with the neo-Nazi Unz.

John McCain
Oz Katerji on McCain's complex legacy. Bill Weinberg on persistent myths about McCain meeting Syrian kidnappers (and a 2013 piece by Josh Rogin that should have put this particular story to bed then).

Patrick Cockburn
Nader Hashemi and Danny Postel on left-wing orientalism.

Mary Ellsberg on massacres, coups and misinformation.

Leila al-Shami asks What next for Idlib? Delphine Minoui on Daraya's secret library.