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From Bob's archive: On election day, May 2010

This post was written on 5 May 2010, the day David Cameron won the election, ushering in the decade of dreadful Tory rule we've now experienced. 

I went to my local Starburger cafe in Crofton Park for my lunch (liver and bacon if you're interested). I was pleasantly suprised to see a Socialist Party poster in the window. Until I saw they had ecumenically put up Lib Dem, Green, Labour and Tory posters too. Then I was cheered further when I went across the road to get my hair cut at George the barber's. He's voting Labour and told me 8 out of 10 of his customers are. A rather unrepresentative sample however: a cheap working class men's barber in a sea of gentrification and apathy... 
Then the depression set in when I crossed back over the road to the Co-op and saw the row of newspapers, almost all sporting pictures of the sickening features of David Cameron.

Apart from the Independent, which is now all out for Clegg, because apparently this is our chance to change the …

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