Food for Thought: Multiculturalism, Social Capital and Community

Some bits of intellectual stimulation I've recently come across.

First, the proceedings of a conference on The Future of Multicultural Britain have been partially published.

Regular readers of this blog might find this up their street: "AntiSemitism and other forms of racism: Continuities, discontinuities, (and some conspiracies….)" Dr. Susie Jacobs. There's also material on chav culture, gypsies, European enlargement and the Parekh report.

Second, The Battle of Ideas: an annual festival of social, political, scientific, academic and cultural debate. Check out the further reading sections, especially this one on community, which gives links to texts on the putative tension between social capital and diversity.

Third, another initiative of the Institute of Ideas is the Pfizer Debating Matters Competition. Check out the background reading available in the topic guides. For example, Jonathan Freedland and Iqbal Sacranie on religious hatred, Michael Lind, Cherie Booth and David Goodhart on civil liberties, and Victor Davis Hanson and Tony Judt on trans-Atlantic politics. You can also find pdfs of Institute of Ideas debates here, including a couple on muliculturalism and the politics of recognition, featuring Kenan Malik and others.


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