Thursday, September 22, 2005

Pakistan and Israel: Apartheid states?

Reality Cafe has an excellent 'contrarian' post on Pakistani-Israeli relations. He looks at M Shahid Alam in CounterPunch (General Musharraf and the Recognition of Israel), noting that Pakistan's history is based on the dispossession of some of its 'natives' and that its structure has 'apartheid' attributes that Israel is criticized for.


callieischatty said...

Hello, I found your blog doing a search on anti semitism and England...

The whole Galloway speaking at the anti war rally in DC made my skin crawl.

What do people there make of him? The media here has tryed to ignore him...but he seems like a real hard core anti semite to me.

Is that true?

PS I am in NY

Anonymous said...

No its not true, Galloway is right.