Jew hatred in Britain

Via Arieh: reports that a wide-ranging investigation into contemporary anti-semitism in Britain is to be launched. 'John Mann MP, the newly elected chairman of the Parliamentary Committee against Anti-Semitism, told delegates that the group’s inquiry would see MPs and peers scrutinising the government's actions in relation to the growing scourge.'

Mark Elf isn't happy.

It would perhaps be over-egging the cake, as they stay, to suggest that a starting point for examining the "scourge" would be around George Galloway, subject of another recent article on the site.

'Galloway declared that, “Israel and dirty tricks have a long history,” denouncing it as a “little settler state on the Mediterranean” whose purpose was to “act as an advanced guard in the Arab world.”'

UPDATE 11 Oct: Read Nick Cohen's Essay on Anti-Semitism


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