Yiddishkayt 2

Another in my irregular round-ups of Yiddish and Yinglish stuff in the blogsphere: The Peter Schmuck file at grow-a-brain does some of it for me (Homeland security in Yiddish, Will Eisner, American Jewish music, etc).

This is the best new blog I've seen for a while: אין מױל אַרײַן (the Chocolate lady's blogspot). At the risk of adding to my recent porn explosion, we have a Yiddish post about food porn watch - all the foodie blogs you could fit in your kitchen. But this is my favourite recent posts: The Chocolate Lady’s Shabes Ki Seytse Survival Guide (a post-Katrina "a tribute to the courageous peoples and rich cultures of our ravaged gulf coast").

Finally, an addition to the Axis of Bob that I've only recently noticed, a lovely Portuguese blog, Rua da Judiaria.

The illustration, here, by the way, is George der Naygeriker, Curious George in Yiddish, translated by Sholem Berger (a blogger, incidentally).


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