A hole in time

I just found a pile of things I printed out and meant to blog about from August and September. It seems a bit silly to do it now, but I'll link to them anyway.

1. George Monbiot "How to stop civil war"
Monbiot is hated by most of my fellow B-52 liberals, but I pretty much agree with this.

2. Radical Centrist "Opportunities for Everyone to get it wrong"
Excellent post on Katrina.

3. Johan Hari "The Salsa Revolution"
In defence of Chavez, despite the recent attacks on him from more of my fellow B-52 liberals. [On the other hand, see also Harry's Place: Recommended reading on Venezuela]

4. Victor Davis Hanson "The Paranoid Style"
I had some quibbles with this, but I no longer have the energy to articulate them.

5. Stuart Watkins and Dave Flynn "Ten Blokes that failed to shake the world"
This article resonates with my own political journey around the edges of ultra-leftism. It won't mean a lot to many of my readers who aren't familiar with a quite specific type of Marxism. Key is to understand that communism with a small c for us is completely different from Communism with a big C. Stuart and Davie's blog is From Despair to Where (read, for example, their report from socialist Butlins, on the SWP's Marxism [sic] corporate event).


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