A progressive on the Arab street

This is a very good article by one Walid Salem: "Address the 'Jewish question' without resorting to propaganda":
"Personally, as a Palestinian who has worked in positions of responsibility for the last 31 years, including five years spent as a political prisoner, it is very difficult for me to continue as if nothing has happened when hearing a president of an Islamic state returning to the slogans of the 1960s and 1970s calling for the elimination of Israel. At that time, these were the slogans of the Arab nationalist movements (and also the Palestinian armed Marxist organizations). Today, these slogans have become Islamist political propaganda resurrected by the Iranians and different political movements that use Islam as their announced ideology.

The dangers of such slogans lie not only in their role in incitement, but also in the fact that they express a lack of strategic vision about the following issue, which also relates to post-disengagement issues in Palestine, namely: How do we deal with the 'Jewish question' in the Israeli-Palestinian and also in the Israeli-Arab and Islamic contexts?" MORE...
Jogo says:
I think you will want to blog this ..... and you might want to forward it to friends -- and whatever else you can to do to bring it to a wide audience. It's a glimpse into a struggling progressive and humane Arab/Mid-East mentality that is invisible (and not welcome) to the Israel-hating, LRB/Guardian-reading, pro-terror, Zarqawi-appeasing, morally adrift, sick-dreams Left (and also to the MSM that Joe Shithead reads).

And when I write "progressive," I do not mean the word as it has been perverted by the Left. I mean *actually* progressive -- what that word means in English, having to do with progress, or progressing down a path. Or progress in terms of moral evolution.

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