Monday, April 10, 2006

Deeper south

Missing from the Sarf London blog round-up the other day: lots of great posts at the Ragged School Blog (e.g. on Princelet St and dead heritage), tube trains taking a holiday in Waterloo at Zefrog, images of Elephant and Castle from TheWayWeSeeIt. To watch: ilovetheclouds.

To be added to the blogroll: Design for Diversity (under Good Causes I guess), and Southbound and (under South London).

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AmJam said...

Brockley eh?
You might be interested in this

or this

all the best

Anonymous said...

Oh, you mean south London, as in England? I see. When I read about something deep south, I think about Mississippi or Louisiana. My bad.

Zefrog said...

Thanks for the link(s)...

While we are on the pictures subject, you might want to have a look at the pics I uploaded to this entry on Bermondsey Abbey on Wikipedia: