Divestment and Sudan

The Nation: Divestment and Sudan An article about the movement in American universities for divestment from Sudan, because of the genocidal or near-genocidal events for which its government bears responsiblity. An important and good movement.

The author - who blogs here - concludes with this question: "Why have US students responded so strongly to Sudan, when closer-to-home issues like the Iraq War and cuts in financial aid have failed to produce mass movements on campus?" In other words, for the Nation liberals, it is hard to imagine that young people, left to their own devices, might demonstrate loyalty to the human race rather than promote anti-American ideology.

(And only The Nation could imagine that the Pentagon's hatred of China is a Bad Thing because... well, because China is a bad place.)

Apologies for duplicating this post. Don't know what happened. But I'm not going to delete one, 'coz last time I did that it caused all sorts of havoc with my archive!


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