Big Brother: Noone likes us we don't care

Obviously, I am not watching Big Brother. The bits I've caught of the series seem to have been even more dire than the last series, which itself hit a new low in Big Brother history.

But, what do you know? Two of this blog's obsessions seem to be central to the series. Charly Uchea is a Sarf London girl, representing (like her predecessor Jade) some of the area's real and imagined qualities of fuck-you belligerence and idle poverty, nicely summed up in this academic paper[pdf] by Millwall fan Garry Robson. Most press reports describe her as "from Lewisham", but I'm told on good authority that she comes from "Ghetto" (New Cross), although my only web verification for this is dodgy: "new cross woman", an anonymous contributor to a gossip forum, who claims "lives opposite new cross bus garage in those big houses" and then adds "SHE LOOKS LIKE FUCKING MAN".

And Carole Ann Vincent (according to Wikipedia: "a bisexual former sexual health worker, political activist and demonstrator from East London... arrested on numerous occasions for breaching the peace during demonstrations") stood for Respect in the Markhouse Ward of Walthamstow in the 2006 UK Local Election. So, following her great leader George Galloway's example. According to The Sun, she is also an SWP member. There's also a tenuous Abu Izzadeen connection.

So, maybe I will start watching.

For a completely different take on Big Brother, check The Soul of Man...

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Sorry Bob you are speaking an English dialect again beyond my comprehension:

I checked
for the word sarf and I still don't understand it: her eis what I am being told what sarf could mean:

Acronym Definition
Southern Anti Racist Federation?
Search and Rescue Fund (reimbursement fund)
Security Alarm Reporting Function
Small Arms Repair Facility (US Department of Homeland Security)
Social Amplification of Risk Framework
South African Road Federation
Special Access Required Facility
Supercompactor & Recovery Facility
South African Road Federation
Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum
Surrey Archeological Research Framework
bob said…
I've answered your question - see the next post!