Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Another Hugo Chavez post

I know this post is no substitute for reasoned commentary on the failuire of Chavez's constitutional yes vote, but...

Two items sent in by Jogo:
1. The Useful Idiots don't care about Los Caracas Nine.
But you might ... if you read this.

2. The Nation has lately been cautious in its writing about Chavez because they cannot quite figure out how to spin him in a truly progressive direction. Certainly you will read nothing in The Nation today anything like this fawning, triumphant shit written a year ago (from "The Land of Chavismo") by Chesa Boudin, the clone-son of homicidal maniac Kathy Boudin, herself the spawn of commie-lawyer Leonard Boudin. A veritable dynasty of wickedness.
And here is Matt Zeitlin: Chavez and history

And here are two more, Terry Glavin and Bald-Headed Geek, via Contentious Centrist.


Graeme said...

A slight correction needed here: Chesa Boudin is male.

bob said...

Oops! Thanks Graeme.