Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rush, Hillary and Mitt

A guest post by Jogo

Well, maybe he is not stupider than many others, but when you have his media power you can say stupid things very loudly, and without contradiction. And be read and heard by millions.

Rush Limbaugh is a moron.

Of all the things I have against Hillary Clinton, the fact that she is an aging woman is not one of them.

Actually, Limbaugh may in fact be correct in his premise. But he should use his power to elevate the conversation, not to make it even more stupid.

Why are Rush Limbaugh, Karl Lagerfeld and Liza Minelli alive, while Townes van Zandt, Eva Cassidy and Gram Parsons are not?

There is no God, this should be obvious. We're on our own.


PS: Isn't Mitt Romney FABULOUS looking?

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Roland Dodds said...

I know it is just human nature to make some assessments based on appearance, but it is unfortunate when politicos start to pick on specific candidates for *gasp* growing old. I can’t help but see the attacks on Clinton’s appearance as overtly sexist, seeing as how no one seems to mention at John McCain looks ancient, Huckabee looks like a bumpkin, and Romney like Dracula. But an old woman, that’s news!