Thursday, March 27, 2008

Catching up

So much to chatch up on!

First of all, I was the subject of a Normblog profile last week: read it here (hyperlinks helpfully added by Norm). Welcome any Normsters reading this who got here from there.

And I have a fair few acknowledgements to make.

1. Martin Meenagh cited me in a piece on Ken Livingstone. Actually, the text he cites was written by Daniel Z, before he became a blogger. Although most of what I have written about Ken on this blog (see my KenWatch series) has been very critical, I will be supporting him in the forthcoming Mayoral elections, for reasons very similar to Martin's, which I intend to write up on this blog.

2. Contentious Centrist here continues the fascinating Brecht/Hannah Arendt/Lisa Riddick discussion thread. Well worth following!

3. Continuing the Tibet ambivalence/confessions discussion thread, the New Centrist adds his fascinating perspective to Martin in the Margins' and mine. Chinese in Vancouver also cites Martin's, NC's and Flesh is G's posts, but I am not too keen on the Chinese nationalist implications of the post.


Mike said...

Hey Bob,

That was a great profile. I knew there was a reason I kept coming back to visit your blog, in spite of our occasional disagreements. (I'm certainly opposed to the idea that the Koran is literally true, but I'm not sure it would even crack my top ten list for philosophical theses that must be combatted; I think "You can't change the world" would probably be number one, followed by "All change is good change.")

Yours for four-wheeled buggies (we call them "strollers"),

Martin Meenagh said...

Dear Bob
I apologise for the Misattribution of the Ken article, and have acknowledged Daniel Z on my blog and in the comments--many apologies!

The New Centrist said...

Thanks for the plug and congrats on your Normblog profile.

bob said...

Thanks all!

No need to apologise Martin: I do that all the time!

Good choices for theses to oppose Mike. For some reason, I found it easier to think of theses I want to combat than ones I want to defend!

I realise I made a minor error in my prejudices. I don't mind 4x4s in rural areas, only in cities. (I guess I would probably tolerate 3-wheeled "strollers" (is that correct usage?) if people who had them actually, say, jogged over rough terrain with them...

fleshisgrass said...

Oh, you told Norm you have an obsessive compulsive personality. Now I know why we get on ;-)