Monday, March 17, 2008

Today's links

Martin Meenagh's blog
I don't think I've visited this blog before, until Martin commented on my Leon Greenman post. I very strongly recommend it.

Rosie Bell
Another blog which is new to me and which I strongly recommend. (Found via Shiraz Socialist, where Ms Bell is guest-blogging.)

Martin In The Margins: On second-guessing the motives of terrorists
This is another good post from Martin, on the liberal tendency to blame the West for the actions of brown people, reducing them to simple reactions to what "we" do. (A similar point to the one I made in these posts: They raped me because I was wearing a miniskirt and stockings, “Provocation”.)

Flesh is Grass: My new Pilger and its whatabouting
Confession: a long time ago, John Pilger was one of my heroes. Embarassing.

The Poor Mouth: Galloway beggars belief once again
On one of the most disgusting of George Galloway's antics - a defence of the brutal, murderous homophobia of the Iranian regime, equating the theocracy with Texas and Tunbridge Wells and calling Peter Tatchell "the pink end of the khaki machine". (The video is also, I just noticed, in Shiraz Socialist's post on Respect Renewal, also worth reading. Oh, and now I realise that it's lots of other places too, such as ModernityBlog and StroppyBlog,

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