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  • George Orwell is blogging. (Like Samuel Pepys before him.) Today (in 1938), George noted the blackberries are reddening. Yesterday, that the first the first Beauty of Bath apples arrived. In 2008, we get every fruit and vegetable in our supermarkets all year round, and we have none of Orwell's sense of connection with seasonal change. Plus, of course, our produce tastes terribly bland, and is killing the planet... Pepys, by the way, hasn't blogged today, but yesterday he wrote: "I to the Exchequer, about striking new tallys, and I find the Exchequer, by proclamation, removing to Nonesuch. —[Nonsuch Palace, near Epsom, where the Exchequer money was kept during the time of the plague.]" Obviously, financial crisis is not so 2008 after all (but endemic to capitalism). (Hat tip: Freeborn John.)

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"A blog I've neglected recently:"
Anonymous said…
"The Exile: victory seems complete..." That link leads to an error 404 message.
bob said…
Thanks anon - link now fixed.

Thanks Noga - my spirits uplifted, in a bittersweet way.

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