Back in town

It seems from my site stats that more people read my blog when I'm not here than when I'm here, but never mind.

First, some housekeeping on all the memery. Five words responses are in from Martin, History is Made at Night, and the Social Republican. And some thrilling academic reads are nominated in the comments by the Social Republican, Flesh is G, Mike and TNC, while On A Raised Beach contributes here.

Thanks to Jogo to alerting me to some interesting Trotskyana around the edges of the mainstream media, including a five-part National Review talkshow with Christopher Hitchens and Robert Service, an interesting book review by Lesley Chamberlain in WSJ, and some really fascinating mini book reviews at the excellent Tablet. More on this from Poumista. Related is Histomatist on George Galloway on John Cornford, which relates to what I wrote here - again, more from Poumista.

A few posts that have caught my attention as I try and catch up with the deluge in my inbox: Salman on The Curious Case of Dana Ali; Louis Proyect on Monthly Review and Iran and on the disgrace that is CounterPunch; and Flesh is Grass on Honduras – between democracy and equality is populism and on feminism, gender segregation and Jim Fitzpatrick. Other good round ups of all the things I should've read can be found at Anti-German Translation and Roland's place.

The picture at the top, "A tribute to a proletarian hero", comes from Dan's Polish photo-essay at The Third Estate.


ModernityBlog said…
Welcome back, you missed a lot :)
bob said…
Thanks Mod. Shouldn't that be "you WERE missed a lot"? ;)
ModernityBlog said…
That too, but you know my English usage is sloppy at times!

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