Steve Hanson for the Orwell Prize

Am adding Steve Aitch to the blogroll, under "Awaiting shelving". Here's the posts that ought to win him the Orwell Prize:

1. Theodor and the Gas Man:

2. We-think:

3. Up Shares Down Shares:

4. The BA strike injunction:

5. The Circulation of Information – Freedoms and Unfreedoms:

6. Reflections on the Newport Socialist Party:

7. Reading on the Right:

8. Feudal Relations – some thoughts on green politics, class and real estate:

9. Reflections on the Abergavenny Left:

10. The King lost in Third Space:

I don't link often enough to blogs in that section of the blogroll, so while you're here, why don't you visit: A Rabbit's Eye View, Cafe Turco, Debate Link, Joel Schalit, Nem la nem aqui, Notes from a tunnel, Paperhouse, Politics, Theory, Photography, Potlatch, Raincoat Optimism, Reading the Maps, Thunder and Lightening and trinketization.

On the Orwell Prize, bloggers, you have until the 20th to enter yourself. I couldn't help myself.


sarah correia said…
Thanks, I appreciate the link and welcome the potential visitors.
Best regards,


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