La Zona

[This post is a last minute plug for La Zona at the Brockley Jack Film Club tomorrow (Sunday) evening.]

La Zona
The ward I live in is apparently statistically one of the safest in the the borough of Lewisham, which I think is still the statistically safest borough in inner London. However, it  doesn't feel like that sometimes. As part of an epidemic of gun and knife crime sweeping young London, we have had a shooting at Brockley Cross this week, a stabbing there the week before, a stabbing at Catford a few weeks ago, one on Brockley Rise and one on Brockley Road days before that. And a horrific knife attack at a party in Bellingham down the road a couple of days ago.

Given this, I sometimes feel a desire to retreat into gated safety. The Mexican film, La Zona, showing tomorrow at the Brockley Jack Film Club, set in a dystopian near-future, is about what happens when people withdraw behind security walls.

Watch the trailer. Read a 4* review from the Guardian here.

Note: the Film Club has sold out the last few screenings, but I'm told this one has plenty of tickets left, so get booking,.