Gnome Chomsky 5: and his dog predicate

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Bob Black on Noam Chomsky:
El Presidente Hugo Chavez (a statist leftist with authoritarian tendencies) may have learned something about US imperialism from Chomsky, as he related to the UN General Assembly, but a lot more people have gotten the same lowdown from Harper's or The New Yorker, or from many alternative and small press publications and internet sites. But now we have Chomsky on Anarchism! After 40 years, he has outed himself as an anarchist. Who would have ever suspected it? Certainly nobody who read all the Stalinist and nationalist manifestos he signed in full page ads in the New York Review of Books (By People Who Write for the New York Review of Books).
I mean really, why reprint, from 1970, At War with Asia: Essays on Indochina? Is there currently no unpublished anarchist book more worthy of publication by an anarchist publisher? ... Chomsky was, and is, like AK Press, an anti-imperialist fellow traveler, a sucker for any Third World authoritarian nationalist gang that seizes state power, or tries to, or wants to. 
[Via James Horrox, see here.] 
Neo-neocon on stupid intellectuals:
The stupidity of supposedly smart men (and women!) can be simply stunning. And that stupidity is not random; it tends to almost always go in the same direction, that of failing to understand the workings of the totalitarian and tyrannical mindset.


vildechaye said…
Off topic, but have you heard that Harry's Place will no longer accept or print comments due to the legal risk/liability. It's not a computer glitch. It's over, at least for now. The end of an era! Very sad.
Bob, this is somewhat off topic but I thought you might appreciate it:
bob said…
Thanks CC. Will listen when I have access to a computer with sound, which I temporarily don't! See also

Vildechaye, I'd missed that. The legal issue enrages me - the madness and effective repressiveness of Britain's libel laws, and the litigiousness of the Indecents who like to bang on about the civil rights of the cage prisoners and such like while stifling the free expression of opinions they find less palatable. On the other hand, I have to confess I'll find Harry's Place more readable now, not having to avoid the morbid temptation to dip into the generally very crocodile-infested waters of its comments threads. I can't stand the posturings and visciousness of 90% of the commenters there.

I guess there is an optimum amount of discussion buzz at a blog. My place falls a little short, but that's probably preferable to the excess at HP or Socialist Unity, where you have to trawl through such nonsense (not to mention bigotry) to find the gems.