Wednesday, July 21, 2010

East London Line/Yiddish Sarf London: קריסטל פעלעס

Has anyone been to the newish Overground Uncovered exhibition at the Transport Museum, about life on the East London Line? I saw a flier in a local shop, and among the images is one of some Hebrew letters (קריסטל פעלעס) which spell Crystal Palace (or, rather Kristl Peles) in Yiddish. (I would have gone for קריסטל פאליס (Kristl Palis) myself, but I'm not a native Yiddish speaker. Can anyone shed any light on this?


Transpontine said...

interesting when do you think the image was from?

rokhl said...

hey bobfrombrockley,

As to your question, my instinct would be to write 'Palatz" (with a tsaddik), though I don't have my weinreich with me, though I'm pretty sure I'm right.

I've been in London for the last 5 weeks- but only just looked at your blog today. Any recommendations for off-the-path Jewish/radical stuff to see in my last week here?

bob said...

T- From the typography, I'd guess late 19th century, but am not sure. As we discussed in relation to the New Cross synagogue a while back, communal officials encouraged Jews to move from the East End to places like New Cross, Brixton and Norwood in the period around 1905-1914, and did a lot to promote this. Possibly this has something to do with that, but the same campaign was also about anglicisation, so the Yiddish might not fit.

Rokhl - Off-the-path Jewish culture as never been as strong in London as now, but the next week seems like a quite dry time!

I would strongly recommend the JCC, but their website is very hard to navigate, and it looks like they're closing down for the summer

Have you checked out the newly re-opened Jewish Museum in Camden yet? Some interesting events, such as a routemaster bus tour.

I would really recommend Dave Rosenberg's East End tours (he's a Yiddishist and Bundist, and a great tour guide) but it looks like he's got nothing on til September. Might be worth contacting him though: If you are interested in East End tours, JEECS is also good but again it looks like nothing while you are here.

Every Saturday, Friends of Yiddish still meet at Toynbee Hall in the East End and they would really welcome you. I don't know the details, but contact Toynbee Hall to find out

Radical London klezmer band Klezmer Klub are playing Cambridge on Saturday possible day trip out of the smoke?

Etienne Balibar, veteran Marxist, is talking at the Leo Baeck Institute on Marxism and the Jewish question tonight. I'm going.

Shekoyokh is one of London's best klezmer bands. They've got a few gigs on.

Loads more music listings here.

Just had a glance at Jeneration (inclusive and not too off the path Reform linked) there;s a few vaguley interesting things like an egalitarian Masorti minyan, a "tent" event in a park.

Jewish socialist comedian Ivor Dembina is performing next weekend - his show is about the Middle East conflict.

Couple of interesting things at Rich Mix in East London, including Jewish music tonight and Brick Lane remixed on the 31st.

rokhl said...

Wow! Lots to consider. Going to do my best to make it to Leo Baeck tonight. Wish me luck.