Unfinished posts no.1: 2009's four star tracks

I have lots of unfinished posts in my drafts folder. I am never going to finish this one, which I started in December, and it is now rather out of date. My plan is to one by one post or delete my unfinished posts, until my draft folder is empty!

Highly unscientific version of a musical best of. I looked for 2009 music in my Media Player library and arranged them by star rating. I found that nothing in 2009 got five stars, but about three dozen tracks got four stars. I don't know if it says more about me or about 2009 that lots of it sounds like it comes from another era, specifically the 1970s. Dedicated to my friends Ali and Anamik. Arranged purely alphabetically.

Buguinha Dub "Fino da massa 1" and "Tubarao de bacia". Jamaican style dub from Brazil. Mp3s and info from Starfrosch.

DJ Mujava "Township Funk" (Crazy P Remix). An accurate description: "kwaito’s urban grime reborn as a chilled as fuck space disco roller". Listen at last.fm/mp3 from A Derogatory Term.

Donovan "Ventura". No, not that Donovan, the French chilled electro disco one. Found via partycmyk.

Levon Helm "When I Go Away" and "White Doves". From his wonderful Electric Dirt album. Southern boogie, bluegrass and deep roots. Sounds like it has always been there, in the landscape. Reviews from Popdose and Fiddlefreak. (Note: I realise Levon Helm has been overrepresented in previous annual round-ups.)

Malcolm Middleton "Call The Shots"
, a Girls Aloud cover. Scotland's great poet of misery and artist of chamber electro-folk minimalism shows that perfection can be improved upon. See Zeon, Another Form of Relief.

Nostalgia 77 featuring Alice Russell covering White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army”. Heavy duty 1970s time-travelling sexy bassy jazzy funky soul. Actually released in 2004, it is on the 2009 Tru Thoughts Covers album.

Quantic y su Combo Barbaro "Mambo Los Quantic" and "Enyere Cumbara". Extraordinarily talented genre-hopping artists. MySpace/homepage/label. Bloggery: Motel de Moka, All the Way Live, Music Like Dirt,

The Ramirez Brothers "Sizzlin'" (featuring Karolina). Superb jazz funk from Tel Aviv.


Undomundo's Meta Best Lists of 2009.


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