I have nearly finished about three long posts that I want you to read, but have been really busy. In the meantime, here's some other things, borrowed from my friends. Nothing about any Miliband.

Airforce Amazons: Radio in a Bottle. Kind of a miscellaneous post, but with a thread running through it. An extract:
Debunking the Islamisation Myth is a substantial attempt by Edmund Standing to distinguish between rational concern about radical Islamist movements, and irrational fears of Britain or other European countries being somehow conquered by political Islam, either via immigration or via conversion. Edmund Standing’s writings are mainly about the extremists of Britain’s racist far right, but he has also written on the extremism of political Islamism, and the interactions between political Islamism and and the kitsch element on the left.

In the past I’ve disagreed with Standing’s views on immigration. I don’t know if his view on that has now changed, but this current effort is a good attempt to tackle the problem of the racist right using concern over the extremist Islamist right to gain support for their divisive politics.

Edmund Standing is a frequent contributor to Harry’s Place, a blog which has itself often been criticised for failing to adequately distance itself from racism and religious bigotry in its ongoing effort to cover extremist Islamism in the UK, this criticism being mainly in relation to the commenters it attracts. More on that topic by Flesh is GrassMarko Attila Hoare, and Poumista.
Max Dunbar has a good piece on "breaking broken Britain", which covers very similar ground to Kellie.

Modernity has had yet another re-design. He's got a great blog round-up, including these items:
Richard Millet has a persuasive post on Those “disloyal Jews” and the racist thinking that under pins it. CiF Watch covers Hamas Huggers. Entdinglichung highlights how appallingly Syrian Kurds are treated in Denmark. Some golden oldies from Engage. I particularly like Dave Rich’s If I say “Zionist” not “Jew” then I can’t be antisemitic, can I? Contested Terrain has many informative posts, including a pointer to The Myth Of Jewish Communism and AK Press To Fox News’ Glenn Beck: We Have A Lot In Common. For a background to Glenn Beck’s weird views see Adam Holland’s coverage. Judeosphere And The Crazy Just Keeps On Coming… Greens Engage on Passing over antisemitism and EU Commissioner Karel de Gucht. Eric Reeves and The death of ‘Ahmed’ of Kassab camp.

Meanwhile, Ignoblus carries an interview on Roma rights in France, Italy, and elsewhere. Andrew Coates has a helpful clarification on the Roma in France. Greens Engage has a good round-up on the Israeli settlement freeze. Via Entdinglichung: the contemporary situation for Syrian Kurds. Via Volvbilis: the Shi'ites in Saudi Arabia. At The Commune, Eduardo Semtei on Cuba today. Via Engage: a new blog on antisemitism. Finally, Bella asks you to pay attention next time you hear the words "peace" and "justice".

More miscellania at But I Am A Liberal (possibly already linked to!)

Here's Saban Bajramovic remixed by Cubismo, h/t Jogo. For background on this great man and great song, go here or here.

Image credit: Terry.


Will said…
"this criticism being mainly in relation to the commenters it attracts."

No it isn't. The whole bag of fucknuts are lunatics. FFS.
Will said…
Edmund Standing once produced an (halfway) acceptable post on lunatic fascists using KFC serving halal chicken as evidence for their conspiracy theory about “dhimmi” and “Eurabia” and all that bollocks, but half-way into the comments he started agreeing with its paranoid and bigoted premises.

and we have also had the other day a post by Ezra (class A lunatic) praising the views of a fascist/nazi friedmanite cunt on about TRotsky…

coming next on sauceR fruitloop shiTblerG must surely be..Fuck Victor Jara et al, I want Pinochet’s sweet spunk on my tongue and my breath to smell of Maggie’s cunt — get yer haircunt Ezra — you fuckking lunatic tosspot.
Will said…
An old comment blurt-out by EStanding on the Place that shall not even be named:

“Edmund Standing
13 June 2009, 9:33 am

Nick Griffin claims there is a left-wing conspiracy to ruin Britain and that he alone is standing against it, then, after being democratically elected, Griffin gets attacked in public by extreme left-wingers.

Exactly how is this supposed to help?"

Fast forward 10 years or so to Edmund Standing’s latest bum-blurt supporting the BNP’s Enabling Act as necessary to protect the ‘democratically elected’ BNP government against ‘extreme left-wingers’ and those furrens immigrunts and so on.

I actually don’t mind Edmund Still-Standing-Despite-the-Medication so much, as he is quite clearly completely mad. A far-left voting anti-far left conservative who is a racist anti-racist is something to behold. The question is not, "who do you think you are?”, but "how many do you think you are?”

to even talk about this shit and the morons that this shit is about is puke making shit.
"sauceR fruitloop shiTblerG "

Will seems to have adopted Klingonese as his language of choice.
modernity said…
Thanks Bob,

My "re-design" took about 3 seconds, and I've changed it since again to make it more readable.

Wordpress is very good in that area, you should try it...
Will said…

Such thrusting comebacks by the fuckking cunts with internet connetciuons.

humbled into submission i am.

Fuckking nora. sad fuckking cunts.
Will said…

their needs to be (alongside a dismantling of systemic structures) a thoroughgoing annihilation of certain parts of humanity on an individual basis. A dirty job but someone has to do it.
"...their [sic] needs to be (alongside a dismantling of systemic structures) a thoroughgoing annihilation of certain parts of humanity on an individual basis. A dirty job but someone has to do it."

Is this what the historians would call preparing the warrant for genocide? Can this type of thinking and expression be always excused as the unfortunate side-effect of excessive drinking?
Jogo said…
"... irrational fears of Britain or other European countries being somehow conquered by political Islam, either via immigration or via conversion."

Immigration or conversion? Hmm ... are those the ONLY ways for Islam to conquer?

What about endless lawsuits and chipping away, chipping away, chipping away at traditional liberties?
What about fear-inducing violent rhetoric and thousands of Islamic rectums raised in prayer on public streets?
What about CAIR making a big deal of every little goddamn imagined "offense" against Islam?
What about taxi drivers who won't transport people with dogs or bottles of alcohol?
What about cartoon riots?
What about making things so uncomfortable for the Jews that everyone else trembles?
What about blowing up a train in Spain (and cowardly demonstrators blaming the Aznar government)?
What about entire cities that cops and regular British people can't go into?
What about Moslem rapists claiming they were forced into it by slutty Euro-girls flashing ass-crack?

What's so irrational about all those what-ifs? Looks pretty rational to me.
There's a thousand ways for Islam to fuck your civilization in the ass.
You make a neat little straw man of "immigration or conversion." And then you argue against him.
There is a LOT more to the story than you indicate.

And another thing -- are you scared to bust Islam because you think that feeds into the Right's "divisive politics?"
I guess Harry doesn't denounce Jones enough for some people's taste. Good for Harry, say I.
I don't denounce Jones, either. I wouldn't lower myself to denounce Jones.
I'll leave that nasty job to the President of the United States.
bob said…
There is a difference between "under attack" and "likely to be conquered". Of course, we are under attack from political Islam (although not, in my view, from Islam itself).

Endless lawsuits... which make very little difference. Thousands of Islamic rectums raised... unseen by almost anyone. CAIR and its ilk making a big deal... and mostly being ignored. Taxi-drivers... maybe one or two, but hardly a real issue. (I have a very good friend, a Christian, who drives a taxi: he won't take animals or anyone who he suspects to be drunk. It cuts down on his income, but is based on having learnt the hard way that it's not worth it for him.) Cartoon riots... in Denmark (which involved small numbers of people, in which almost no-one got hurt, and which occurred against a backdrop of perceived police brutality (including deportations without trial) in the neighbourhoods where they occurred) and no cartoon rioting, to my knowledge, in any of the other places in Europe where Muslims are much more poupulous. Making things uncomfortable for the Jews... yes, important, but not a step towards "conquest" (and as the far right has also been doing for a century or so, and as lots of non-Muslim people are making life so uncomfortable for Muslims and plenty of other people without everyone trembling). Blowing up trains... in Spain, but also in Britain, a very, very important thing, but still not an indicator of "conquest". Entire cities that cops and regular British people can't go into... that DON'T EXIST. Moslem rapists claiming they were forced into it by slutty Euro-girls flashing ass-crack... who get prosecuted and jailed, as do (some, but not enough, of) the many, many non-Muslim rapists, who also make ridiculous claims about provocation, some of which are accepted by non-Muslim white judges.

I simply don't believe that Islam is fucking Europe in the ass.

On the other hand, far right parties, like the Sweden Democrats and the BNP, are getting significant votes, while violent thugs in the EDL mobilise thousands on the streets. Why is it irrational to view them as a real, concrete threat?

I don't think I'm scared to bust Islam. In fact, a very disproportionate number of my posts are about Islam, and I'm probably considered Islamophobic by the real fellow travellers.
Have you read about this?
kellie said…
The Molly Norris story is dreadful - more on it here - and this kind of personalised terrorism is just a small taste of what people, in particular women, are suffering in countries where Islamist violence is much more widespread.

I don't think though that this kind of extreme bullying necessarily indicates strength. It could just as well be seen as the last ragings of those losing power, and they're losing power because of the positive aspects of globalisation, including migration.

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